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The heavy duty collision industry has long relied on simple mechanical tools to identify frame damage and execute the repair process, such as centerline gauges and chalk lines. These tools may not be able to determine the extent or origin of the damage, causing delays in the process or missed repairs. 

Improve repair quality and maximize efficiency with the Infinity XMS2 Fleet 3D Laser Measuring System. 

Designed exclusively for heavy duty truck and trailer frames, the cutting-edge Infinity XMS2 Fleet 3D Laser Measuring System offers patented bi-optic green laser scanning for precision structural repair.  

Measure on any surface – floor, frame rack, frame press, frame cage, four-post lift – with our easy setup and takedown. The system features automated compensation for vehicle and scanner tilt/attitude. 

Color-coded LEDs supply a constant, real-time visual display of the damage and corrective action required at each measuring point in height, width, and length. This allows you to visualize the degree of structural change on every target location. With our convenient tablet application, there’s no need to return to the console or remeasure. 

Count on Infinity Fleet for ultra-accurate laser mapping throughout the entire repair process, with high-quality pictorial before-and-after reporting capabilities that provide an accurate, easy-to-read interpretation of the damage. Insurance companies and customers require greater accuracy, speed, and cost-effectiveness. Take the guesswork out of estimation and streamline the repair process to save time and money. 

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Designed especially for Heavy duty trucks & trailers

Born out of exacting aerospace laser measuring technology.

Our group of experienced technicians and designers applied their expertise in optoelectronics, software engineering, and mechanical design to the conditions and environments that exist for heavy duty collision repair to create this exclusive, patented solution. 



Made specifically for measurements on heavy duty trucks and trailers up to 60 feet in length.



Specialized target attachments allow for work on frame racks, frame presses, lifts or the floor.



Millimeter accuracy dimensional data helps detect the type of deformation and exactly where it occurs.



Live targets with LED indicators show tolerance for updated positions  throughout the process.

Pinpoint all defects

Find any deformities and their exact locations.

The capabilities of the equipment provide important functions that are skilled at highlighting repair costs previously missed by past systems, while providing a faster setup and easier to use system. All of these features result in a higher return on investment, all the while easing the technician’s analysis time.


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Live length, width, and height measurements for HD trucks and trailers up to 60 feet long.

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More Testimonials

The biggest thing about the Infinity system is the log-able information for the insurance company. You can do before and afters. It gets into areas that you can’t get with manual gauges. Those are going to be significant differences. We take pictures of the pins now—this is giving us an actual print-out, which I feel is going to make a huge difference.

– Russ at Truck Collision Services