Accurate. Efficient. Revolutionary.

The Infinity XMS2 Fleet 3D Laser Measuring System, designed exclusively for the heavy duty truck and trailer repair industry, offers patented green laser technology you won’t find anywhere else. Our system, with its easy setup and diverse components, can measure up to 60 feet with millimeter accuracy. The equipment saves time and labor and provides functionality that may discover damages missed in previous repair processes. 

Product Features:

  • 12 targets
  • Laser scanner
  • Infinity console
  • Computer system
  • Wireless Wi-Fi
  • Printer
  • Magnetic adapters, stems
  • Side body kit
  • Tripod for laser scanner
  • HD truck magnetic adapters
  • HD truck scanner mount
  • HD truck templates & technical support - 1st full year included

Ultra accurate laser mapping throughout the entire repair process:

Infinity utilizes specialized HD vehicle templates for structural vehicle repair. The measuring system then produces a quality pictorial before and after report of the necessary repair work.

  • Provides an accurate, easy-to-read interpretation of the damage
  • Takes the guesswork out of the estimation process
  • Streamlines the entire process, saving you time and money

Measure on any surface - automated compensation for vehicle and scanner tilt/attitude:

  • Floor
  • Frame racks
  • Frame presses
  • Frame cage
  • 4 post lifts

   Click here to download our brochure on the XMS2 Fleet 3D Laser Measuring System, or contact us for more information!

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More Testimonials

The biggest thing about the Infinity system is the log-able information for the insurance company. You can do before and afters. It gets into areas that you can’t get with manual gauges. Those are going to be significant differences. We take pictures of the pins now—this is giving us an actual print-out, which I feel is going to make a huge difference.

– Russ at Truck Collision Services